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Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives, complementary products for laying all types of floor and wall and coating materials, as well is also specialised in other chemical products used in the building industry, such as waterproofing products, special mortars, admixtures for concrete, products for underground constructions and for the restoration of concrete and historical buildings. 马贝于1937年创建于意大利米兰,是当今全球著名的生产商,生产建筑用各类胶粘剂和各类地面和墙面铺设用辅助材料和涂料,同时专业生产其它建筑工业用产品,如防水产品、特种砂浆、混凝土添加剂、地下建筑产品,及混凝土和历史建筑修复材料。  

2017 Mapei’s production may be summarised in the following figures: 2.5 billion euros total turnover; almost 10,000 direct employees in the Group. 2017年马贝生产力还可用以下数据总结:年总营业额为25亿欧元;近10,000多名集团直系雇员。  

Mapei has built its strategy following three main guidelines: 马贝已按照以下三大指引制定策略:   

SPECIALIZATION: Mapei offers a wide range of special, technologically-advanced products to meet the requirements of its clients in the building industry. 专业化: 马贝提供种类广泛、技术特别先进的产品,以满足建筑行业客户的需求。

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: every year, Mapei invests approximately 5% of total turnover and 12% of its employees in research programmes. Apart from 64 quality control laboratories, Mapei also has 28 central laboratories: 5 in Italy, 3 in Canada & United States respectively, 2 in Germany & Austria respectively, each in Argentina, Austrilia, UAE, China, France, Norway, India, Mexico, Switzerland, Poland, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia.产品研发:每年,马贝将约占总营业额的5%、和雇员总数的12%用于研发项目。除64间质量控制实验室外,马贝同时拥有28间研发中心:在意大利5个,加拿大和美国分别有3个,德国和奥地利分别有2个,另外在阿根廷、澳大利亚、阿联酋、中国、法国、挪威、印度、墨西哥、瑞士、波兰、韩国、新加坡及马来西亚都设有研发中心。  

INTERNATIONALISATION: since the 1960s, Mapei has followed a strategy of internationalisation to be more in touch and closer to local requirements and to reduce transport costs to a minimum. 国际化:自60年代起,马贝已遵循国际化战略发展,力求更直接接触和更贴近当地需求,同时把运输成本降至最低。

There are currently 82 subsidiaries in the Mapei Group, with a total of 73 production facilities located around the world in 34 different countries and in 5 different continents. 马贝集团目前有82间分公司,73间工厂分布于全球34个国家、5大洲。

Mapei has also developed a dense technical-commercial network in all the most important countries in the world and has a highly competent technical and building site assistance department, particularly appreciated by designers and professional floor layers. 马贝也已在全球最重要的国家,发展了密集的技术商务服务网络,及最专业化和工地协助部门,特别受设计师和专业的地面安装人员所青睐。

Mapei manufactures the following types of product马贝生产以下产品系列: ·Adhesives for ceramic and natural stone floor and coatings 瓷砖和天然石材安装材料。

Grouts for joints and flexible sealants 接缝填缝剂和弹性密封胶 Adhesives for resilient and textile floor and coatings 弹性和纺织地面和涂料安装材料。

Products for preparing all types of substrate 各类基底准备材料  Admixtures for mortars and concrete 砂浆和混凝土添加剂        Protective wall coatings for external applications 室外施工用墙体保护涂料

Cementitious and resin floorings 水泥基和树脂基地坪

Products for laying, finishing and maintaining parquet 木地板铺设、修整和维护产品

Products for underground constructions 地下建筑产品

Special hydraulic binders 特种胶凝粘合剂

Pre-blended mortars and special products for restoring concrete structures 建筑修复用预混砂浆和混凝土特殊产品

Mortars and binders for restoring masonry buildings 砌体建筑修补砂浆和粘合剂

Accelerators for shotcrete 喷射混凝土加速产品

waterproofing and anti-damp products防水和防潮产品        Soundproofing systems 隔音系统

Thermal insulation systems 隔热系统

Grinding aids 助磨剂

Marine Line 船舶系列

MAPEI in China market


Presently, factory in Guangzhou Conghua, and two sales offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively have been set up, with around 100 employees in China. Guangzhou Conghua factory specializes in producing waterproofing products, adhesives & grouts, latexes, cementitious & epoxy resin flooring products and products for resilient materials etc.现时于中国市场,马贝在广州从化建立工厂,分别在上海及广州市区设立销售办公室,全国员工数量近100人。广州从化工厂生产防水产品、胶粘剂和填缝剂、乳液、水泥基和环氧树脂地坪、及弹性材料安装产品等。

The factory in China emphasizes much on the production and product quality control. The production procedures and management are certified by international authoritative institute namely Certiquality and successfully awarded the ISO9001:2008 certificate. The production technologies reach international standards and every procedure of production is monitored meticulously. 中国的工厂同样重视生产程序及产品质量管理。生产程序和管理都通过国际权威认证机构Certiquality的认证,成功获得ISO9001: 2008质量管理体系证书。生产技术同样达至国际级水平,对每一个生产程序的监控都一丝不苟。

Designing and constructing using eco-sustainable criteria is a commitment of responsibility that requires concrete choice to be made and the use of solutions that can really be applied. Mapei is a partner for designers, contractors, users and clients along this path to sustainability that unites quality architecture with safeguarding for the environment. Mapei stands out for their approach based on the truth of facts that on the value of their experience matured on sites all around the world. 根据具体的选择和所需要的施工方案,以环境可持续标准设计和建设,体现对环境保护的一种责任感。长久以来,马贝作为设计师、承建商、使用者和客户的伙伴,在可持续发展道路上,与优质设计院保护环境的理念不谋而合。马贝出色的建筑方案,是来自马贝全球的杰出工程所得出的经验总结。    

In China, Mapei has been awarded an eco-certification by the China Environmental Labelling. The products awarded with this certification represents the product quality, as well as both the adoption of raw materials and the production process are in line with the specified environmental requirements. Compared with other similar products, labeled products are certified to be with low toxicity, less harmful, and also environmental friendly. Hence, the labeling affirms Mapei product quality as well as Mapei qualification background, management system and development concept. 于中国,马贝同样获得中国环境标志的肯定。通过此标志验证的产品不仅表示产品质量合格,而且在采用原材料、生产处理过程都符合特定的环境保护要求,与同类产品相比,具有低毒少害、环保等优势。马贝获得“中国环境标志产品认证”,不仅是对马贝产品的质量肯定,也是对马贝的资质、产品、管理以及发展理念的综合认证。

Mapei has fulfilled achievements in China, wide range products have been applied in different kinds of constructions as : civil constructions, out of which most famous as, Shanghai International Tourism & Resort Zone (Disneyland Shanghai), Metro Mosaic Decoration Wall (Beijing & Wuxi) , Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower, Shanghai and Hangzhou Volkswagen factory, Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Four Season Mansion etc, commercial constructions as Avic Zijin Plaza Xiamen and Shenzhen Baoneng All City Mall, Shenzhen Ping'an IFC Building, Beijing Thrudesign Wood DIY Workshop and Chloé Boutique Stores and Nantong and Suzhou IKEA stores; sport facilites as Guangzhou AVG Football Center and Shanghai Sports Plaza. 马贝在中国范围取得多个地标建筑项目,多种的产品系统应用于不同种类的建筑:民用建筑中最著名的项目有—上海国际旅游度假区(上海迪士尼)、地铁马赛克装饰墙(北京和无锡)、北京奥林匹克公园瞭望台、上海及杭州大众厂房、天马微电子有限公司、广州荟景湾楼盘等;商用建筑如厦门紫金广场、深圳宝能太古城、深圳平安大厦、北京素元工坊和蔻依专卖店门店,以及南通和苏州宜家家居中心;体育设施如广州傲胜足球中心和上海市体育宫等。

Conghua Factory化工工厂 





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